Everything you see, hear, and touch

first time experience for you.

A super rare experience

Sushi Nigiri Experience


Not even the Japanese know about it.

We offer you a valuable experience.

Enjoy your own sushi.
Enjoy it with freshly squeezed soy sauce.

'A chef's life'.

Originally only chefs were allowed to touch
You can also experience using high-end Japanese kitchen knives, which are normally only touched by chefs.

Over 50 years of teaching cooking in Kanazawa.

Enjoy cooking with the third generation of Nakata Culinary Academy instructors.
Recipes will be provided so that you can make them at home.
(in Japanese or English).
Enjoy "real Japanese food" at home.

A certificate will be issued for the sushi experience.

A fantastic soy sauce, of which only a few per cent exist in Japan.
Soy sauce fermented for more than a year using only 'salt, soya, wheat and koji' in a traditional process.
Eat such soy sauce with sushi right after pressing.

Japanese home cooking

Japanese home cooking

It is the only place where foreigners can attend
cooking classes for locals.

Rare opportunity to participate in cooking classes for locals. Max. 6 participants. The instructor's Japanese is shown in real time in English on a large monitor.

Menu changes weekly.
Japan has four seasons and the delicious ingredients change with spring, summer, autumn and winter. The instructor sources the best ingredients at the time from the Omicho market.

One translator per person.
Supports 74 languages worldwide
PocketTalk translates speech and text in 74 languages.
Use the translator to ask questions to the instructor.